Staff Stories: Patty

Patty Marti began working at Big Brothers Big Sisters as our Operations Manager in March of this year after 25 years of being a career advisor and helping others meet their goals. A born-and-raised Muncie local, Patty has a passion for serving the city she knows so well. She keeps the office gears turning smoothly and engages with the community with warmth and understanding.

Throughout my career I have had several excellent mentors and leaders. I began working full time at a very young age, before I really knew anything about the working world. In 1979, I started as a receptionist working in an office on Washington Street for the Department of Labor. At that time, the program that employed me was called the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, or CETA for short. Later on, CETA was called by many other names, but the mission always remained the same: to assist the unemployed with professional skills and training so that they could obtain (and maintain!) a job.

Because there were so many, I can't even begin to ever choose one specific person that took me under their wing and helped me make it up to the next level of my career. Instead, I will just remember how I blessed I was to have these individuals in my life. Their mentorship has inspired me to help new employees and inexperienced young people in my places of employment just as they did for me.

Jake Turpin