Staff Stories: Isabelle

Isabelle Wright began working at Big Brothers Big Sisters in the fall of 2017 to assist in settling the office at its new location, and has since taken on a social media and marketing internship with the agency. Her time in Muncie as a BBBS staff member and Ball State student continually inspires her.

I completed my freshman year at BSU two months ago and have been reflecting on the wide variety of ways I learned and grew. Looking back, the year was often chaotic, and I appreciate the constants that got me through the frantic times. I met Morgan, a senior at Ball State, through the leader of my bible study and met with both of them every Wednesday in the student center all year long. I remember thinking I had never encountered two women so authentically enthusiastic about life. These were women who would literally jump up and down over someone else’s good news, who were so infectiously passionate that strangers would lean into our conversations to introduce themselves. I truly don’t think we ever got through a lunch without people they knew dropping in to say hello. Throughout the year, these women were absolutely sincere in their celebration over my successes and grief for my losses. Eventually it struck me that I was being mentored and discipled in a way I had never considered before. When I brought it up to thank them, they brushed it off sweetly: “We’re just doing life together,” they said.

Morgan in particular took me under her wing. Her time at my university and experience as a dorm Resident Assistant gave her all kind of insight about the campus. She generously shared what she knew with me, from which campus chef was the best to what kind of resume a student should have, to the moral dilemmas she and I would face as a respective social worker and doctor.

At our last lunch together, we both cried. Later there would be a grad party, and now there are facetime calls, but the last Wednesday lunch was meaningful to both of us. Most treasured from that day was the letter she wrote me, full of meaningful affirmations about who I am, the potential I have to create a kinder future, and gratitude for our time together as sisters in faith. Those words inspire me to someday “do life” with a young woman the way she has with me.

Jake Turpin