82 Days

Hi, I'm Isabelle. I'm the intern here at the BBBS office downtown, and I love what I get to do...especially for the next 82 days.

I know to get straight to the point, so here it is: Our list of kids waiting to be matched with a Big is over 50 names long. About half of those kids are ready to be matched today, prevented only by a lack of adult volunteers. Our greatest need right now is not money, programming, or marketing--it's people. We need more Bigs, and we need them now!

Our volunteers aren't superheroes on pedestals. They're not out to parent or formally educate their Littles. They're something so, so much better. Bigs are simply adults who understand the incredible power of showing up and listening to a kid. They've decided to commit time and energy to a person in need. What makes them so remarkable is that they acknowledged they were capable and took action.

Big Brothers Big Sisters exists to create human connection. We make sure that our matched Bigs and Littles are a safe and happy fit. But without Bigs, there's no connection for us to catalyze. So here's our bold goal:


By September 22, we are striving for 25 new volunteers to have gone through our orientation so they can be matched. For a smaller agency, this takes a leap of faith in the community that our work relies upon! The success of this goal depends on people to talk to others about who BBBS is and what we do, to remember the adults who lifted them up as kids, and to honor the light that lives in every child. Most directly, it depends upon potential volunteers filling out an inquiry, which took me 41.48 seconds (beat that!) and can be found if you click on this sentence. The inquiry lets us know someone is interested so that we can follow up.

My coworkers and I are at Big Brothers Big Sisters because we recognize the electric, future-forming, compelling potential of kids. This summer, I am challenging you and myself to recognize the potential of adults, too. All this being said, here is the question whose answer I don't know, and you do:


This might be you (yesss!). It might be someone you love very much, or an acquaintance, or a stranger. Here's the all-important follow-up question: will the capable take action? Join me in connecting with humans about how BBBS connects humans. Not just today, but for the next 82. Watch what happens.

[Mentorship] is open to men and women of good will in all creeds and occupations, to boys and girls of all stations. Its simplicity, its humanity, are the elements which make its appeal universal.
— BBBS Founder, Ernest K. Coulter

We're excited about this goal and will be announcing some giveaways as we hit milestones on our journey to 25 matches. Keep an eye out for upcoming victories on our Facebook page.

Jake Turpin